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About C&M Group - From our Founder

There are more than 125 million companies globally that are racing to the top. Whether it's a large company, or a Silicon Valley startup, every company is trying to stay ahead of the curve.

With dynamic methods of practicing business, the only way to stay ahead is to innovate.

Being an entrepreneur, and after selling my last company, I saw an opportunity to change consulting. I brought together some of the best entrepreneurs around the world to help companies innovate within their company.

In comparison to other strategy firms, we have run businesses and understand them inside and out. C&M Group was founded because too many firms are guessing. We are believers in the saying practice trumps theory, and aspire to change the way consulting is practiced.

Many of us have been where you have been before, and we believe that we can offer a far better perspective, having been there and done that. We want to help you create value for your existing or future product.

Not only do we understand the ins and outs of starting and running a successful venture, we understand the emotional toll that founders/executives encounter. Being able to relate with you on all the aspects of your business is why we believe the C&M method is the most effective method in consulting.

Our team has experience starting companies that are in the following markets and incorporate these following strategies;

•App market
•Tech startups
•Operations management
•Pitching and securing venture capital investments
•Ups and downs of business
•Emotional toll on business
•Marketing Firms
•Social Media Strategy Firms

Currently, we are a team of 9 dedicated entrepreneurs that have the same mission and vision for C&M Group.

C&M Group
1155 Tremont St,Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120
(913) 485-8172
[email protected]
[email protected]

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